All our styling plans are completely tailored to each couple we work with. We take all the ideas we discussed at our consultation, and via phone/emails and populate them into a cohesive bespoke styling plan to use on your big day.  


We have put an example of a full event styling option wedding plan we created and show you how we transformed it from our styling plan into a reality. This will give you a good idea of how we work to relate your ideas, and how we really pull each of the elements throughout every area of your venue to add little hints of the themes wherever we can.  


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In the entrance area, we created this beautiful hanging paper cone backdrop. It looked incredible, creating a massive WOW factor as soon as you walked into the venue. Guests could also use it as a photo backdrop. On the table, we displayed our grey card box with the couple's initials, a picture of them on their pre-wedding shoot, and a copper vase which the florist filled with a tall floral arrangement.  

The Result:

Copper Hanging Paper Cone Backdrop  | The Mill Barns Wedding Venue | AKA Event Styling


We created an extra-large A0 seating plan on a copper painted acrylic sheet which created the big feature the couple wanted the seating plan to be. We also created an A1 welcome sign sitting horizontally, an A2 ceremony sign, A4 signs for the polaroid guestbook, the cake flavour sign, and the blanket sign. In addition to these, A5 signs for the card and gifts, the hashtag signs, doughnut sign, other guestbook signs, and other misc. signage required around the venue were also designed. These were all created in a cohesive style with painted copper backs and vivid white writing, which made it easy for guests to find information. 

We put the order of the day on the black and white pegboard, and on the copper and black peg board we put the couples favourite quote.   

If you want to find out more about our acrylic signage, visit our bespoke acrylic signage page.  

The Result:


In the ceremony room, we placed four large copper lanterns with tall pillar candles every second chair either side of the aisle. Beside them were rounded concrete pots holding large ferns to add the greenery element. Our big focus was to keep the ceremony room very subtle and simplistic with little hints of what would be to come in the other rooms of the venue.  

We also created small confetti bags which were printed in a marble pattern. We placed leather looking string clasps on the back to keep them closed and a sticker of the couple's initials was stuck on the front which they used for their other stationery.

The Result:


As a backdrop for the top table, we created these geometric copper shapes which hung on clear string from a copper pipe. This looked stunning in photos and although kept simple with no greenery, was still really noticeable in photos of the couple sitting at the top table.  

We created simple vellum menus which we stamped with copper wax seals for the ladies and grey wax seals for the men. The wax seals had foliage stems on them to tie in with the abundance of greenery featured in the couple’s wedding.  

The place names were handwritten in copper with each individuals name and surname on a hexagonal marble tile, which doubled up as a great additional keepsake/favor.  

The Result:


The couple didn’t want all the tables to be identical but follow a similar theme. Therefore, we used a mixture of different props including one large centrepiece prop, surrounded by small geometric items to match. A garland of foliage was created by the florist to surround the centrepieces and we intertwined copper wire lights throughout them to add some light as the The Mill Barns does not allow open flames.  

The wedding favors included small succulents, placed into metal tins sprayed in copper, with personalised embossed labels stuck onto each one. These fitted into the table settings seamlessly and were ideal for people to take home and display.  

The Result:


The cake table was always going to be a big feature for the couple. We started off by designing a simple cake area and building symmetrically around it. The couple had a cake made professionally, and the grooms Aunt also made a chocolate fudge cake, so we had to consider two cake stands that were different but were of a similar style. We opted for two different shaped copper wire cake stands which worked great together. We then put a mixture of sweet treats and baked goods into glass cylinders placed on the table either side of the cakes. In front of the cakes, we placed the chocolate and biscuits on copper rectangular and grey hexagonal trays.  

We also put up our doughnut wall between the dancefloor and the cake table and placed stickers of the couple's initials onto the doughnut bags to tie it all together.  

The Result:


We communicate heavily with florists for your big day to make sure we are on the same page and will be delivering a cohesive style. We do offer minimal florals, but it can be more beneficial to have someone with greater expertise than us in that field if you are looking for your floral arrangements to really create a focus similar to this wedding.   

The Result:

As a guide for your bespoke styling plan, this couples bespoke full event styling plan as per the above descriptions, came out at a total £2,695* for 6 guest tables. 

*Florals not included


Thanks to Amy Taylor Imaging Photography for the incredibly beautiful photographs, and Bloom Collective for these extraordinary florals! 

Price as of 01/07/2019

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