Here at AKA Event Styling we can create and produce a wide range of acrylic signage on any colour acrylic sheet you wish, from clear acrylic sheets to mirrored acrylic sheets. They can be made in any custom size you like, regular A paper sizes or anything quirky works fine with us!  

We create bespoke designs to reflect you as a couple and match any stationery you’ve already had made, using a wide range of fonts and styles.  

We can also take any designs you’ve had created elsewhere and have them printed on your behalf.  

We print directly onto the acrylic sheets with any colour ink you wish, rather than sticking on vinyls, as we find this gives them a much sleeker finish. This way we can ensure the finished result is exactly as per our proofs and we can create much finer lines than you could with a vinyl sticker. This does make our acrylic signs more expensive than vinyl equivalents, but when you see the finished result up close you really understand why. You can also keep these after your big day as keepsakes, which is great!  

We love to talk about different options so if there is anything you are not sure about, drop us a message.  


Heard them called Perspex Signage elsewhere? Perspex is a brand name for Acrylic sheets so we simply call them Acrylic Sheets/Signage.  

(Please note, we cannot print in metallic colours but we offer metallic coloured acrylic sheets which we can print white onto as an alternative.)